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2. Background

2.1 Othello

The following is a revision os the rules:

At the beginning of the game, 4 stone are already placed at the centre of an 8x8 standard board. Throughout the game, one colour places one of his stones and reverses the colour of the other stones by surrounding them in a line so that the stones are flipped over to one's colour. The move is legal only if a reversal is legal. All stright lines are valid: Horizontal, vertical or diagonal. If no reversal is possible, the turn is passed to the opponent. The game is finished when neither player has any legal moves left. Usually, by this point the board is completely full. Whoever has the most stones placed on the board at that point wins the game.

2.2 Game-Playing Programs

A game playing program will be required to, above all, generate a valid and good move in a given state in the game. Our application will evaluate a current game state by inspecting various different aspects such as current positioning, prospective positioning, structure of stones, etc.

At the design stage many of these issues must be taken into consideration. The most important part of this project will be the strength of the playing engine.

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