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4. Information Sources

4.1 Literature

  1. CS3192 lecture notes which are available from the project supervisor. These notes supply the fundamental knowledge of game theory and some background on how to apply its principals within a program e.g. data structures and alph-beta pruning.
  2. CS3071 lecture notes available on-line and off-line. These will provide some background on advanced Theoretical use of OpenGL.
  3. GLUT specifications available off-line in PDF format.
  4. CS2341 and CS2452 lecture notes on the Software Engineering development process.

4.2 On-line Sources

  1. - tips available about Othello playing techniques.
  2. - a graphical library of images to be used as textures in the OpenGL GUI.
  3. - One of many OpenGL FAQ sources to be used for scene redering.
  4. - Notes on searching, postion evaluation, etc.
  5. - The Anatomy of a Game Program.
  6. - Bump mapping demo and illustration program.
  7. - more advanced OpenGL examples.
  8. - Strategy and board game programming.
  9. htttp:// - Game theory from Nottingham University

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